CLIWAT Interactive Map

This map shows information of the Cliwat project. It shows the geographic outlines of the project, the pilot areas, and other features. The map contains clickable features.

Using the 3D features

The red outline marks the extents of 3D models that are downloadable, and can be used with at special viewer, called GeoScene3D. In GeoScene3D it is possible to navigate in the 3D model.
   Click on the icon to download a model.

How to use the interactive 3D

You can use GeoScene3D to freely move around in the 3D models. When you have choosen a site, GeoScene3D will be opened and an animation will be started.
The animation can be started and stopped by using the animation panel.
The navigations panel can move the view around, but it is also possible to use mouse and arrow keys. The system requirements are a relatively new PC running Microsoft Windows XP. In addition, a fast internet connection is preferable.

3D Movie

As an alternative to use the interactive 3D program, a film can be downloaded, which shows the 3D visualization in a media player.

Click on this icon on the interactive map.
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